There has been a long held belief that if you are sexual or dressed in a provocative manner, you are asking for something sexual to happen to you.

“Slutwalk was born out of outrage, because victims have been told over and over again that if you are raped or sexually assaulted, somehow you may have brought it upon yourself. Victims are tired of questions like, “What were you wearing? How late was it? Why were you alone?” or other awful questions that still get asked to victims of sexual assault.

Dressing up in sexy clothes does not give anyone the right to do anything to you other than look. Women are still told that it is our job to not get raped by avoiding dressing in a way that could possibly arouse someone. If we do, we face the risk of being blamed for our assault.” – Huffington post

It is time to stop blaming the victims!

Find out more here!



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